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Hello everyone and thank you for visiting Trauma Leadership Development Trainers, LLC. We are so pleased that we are in a position to facilitate the needs of this bourgeoning career path in the medical field of trauma. As a nurse for over 35 years, I have been both excited and fascinated with our work.  My transition has been marvelous and has added years to my work as I have added value to those hospitals that have utilized my expertise. Let us help you in your educational  advancement as a trauma registrar. As you know,ICD-10 is here and we must be fully cognizant of its current coding language in order to perform our jobs at the highest level. Our training will provide you with a fully qualified trauma professional to facilitate your learning and advancement.

Jacqueline Moses-Hardy-CEO & Co-Founder
Trauma Leadership Develoment Trainers
Hello everyone, Trauma Leadership Development Trainers, LLC is dedicated to meeting all of your training needs. Trauma Registry offers a unique opportunity to join a field that is rapidly expanding. We offer a registrar basic course on the steps to becoming a registrar to the more intense rigor of ICD-10. We are available to come to your site and meet your training needs.
These training features Ms. Jacqueline Moses-Hardy,Co- Founder and President of Trauma Leadership Development Trainers-LLC Don't miss the upcoming opportunities.                                                     


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We are hopeful that in your quest for knowledge in this field, that Trauma 1 can provide an experience that will augment that process. If you are interested inTrauma Consultancy and travel, we may be able to help you in your search. Please post your contact information and resume. 


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